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Jason Ampel

CEO, Curriculum & Instruction


The art & science of education has encompassed the daily desires, ambitions, and practices of Jason Ampel. He began his educational journey at the State University of New York at Albany, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in History. Moving from Long Island, NY in 2000, Jason continued his path by beginning his Masters in the Arts of Secondary Social Science Education, and then continued on to complete his Doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction from The University of Central Florida. Ten years of teaching experiences within the realm of public school educati

on, coupled with his vast experiences as a student & Professor at the university level, has molded Jason into a professional educator who desires to maintain these desires, ambitions, and practices through creating Learning Liaisons.

Dr. Ampel’s ten years as a public school educator has provided him much wealth of knowledge, experience, and leadership skills, which has provided him numerous opportunities to enhance, collaborate on, and share with his colleagues on all levels, both at the public school and university level. Throughout his years of public school experience, Jason has held numerous leadership positions, both with my respective schools and at the University of Central Florida, as a doctoral student. He has held the ranks of grade level chairs, professional learning committee chairs, facilitator of workshops for colleagues, as well as served on several county chairs with my administrators.

In addition to his public school administrative and leadership experience, Dr. Ampel has held the ranks of President of Kappa Delta Pi for two years at the University of Central Florida, an International Honor Society in Education. He has also held several positions on the Executive Board for the Florida Association for Teacher Educators (FATE). The Florida Association for Teacher Educators is a state faction of the national teacher professional organization known as the Association for Teacher Educators (ATE). While holding positions within both of these professional organizations, Jason organized, facilitated and collaborated with numerous university professors & school based administrators to plan many collaborative panel discussions and workshops for university students.

The Learning Liaisons

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