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Matthew Pascale

Video Production

Matthew Pascale

Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, Matt gravitated towards all things art. Whether it was illustration, poetry, or music; creativity played an integral part in maturation. During high school, this vision led to other mediums, technologies, and disciplines. Audio/Visual classes were taken to coincide with fine art, marketing, drama, and music theory. There were simply not enough periods in a semester.

This thirst for knowledge would eventually lead to the ‘Burgh in 1999. At the Pittsburgh Technology Institute, Matt achieved a Degree in Advanced Technologies by taking graphic design and multimedia classes. While honing these skills, Matt devoted himself to the video production side and started freelancing weddings.

Tired of snow shovels and scraping windshields, Matt moved to Orlando in 2002. While it took a few months to land a position in the field, an opportunity emerged at Imagination Unlimited, Inc. Gaining experience in corporate and commercial videos, IU Video would allow for other skill advancement, such as government RFPs, graphic design and website development.

After three years at IU, opportunity came knocking again, this time in the form of a UCF professor. When Dr. Debby Mitchell at GeoMotion Group needed a full time video producer the offer was too good to refuse. Over eight years later, Matt had developed enough experience, knowledge, and confidence to venture out on his own and in 2015, Hippo Stomp, LLC was formed.

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