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Hey hey!  Welcome to The Learning Liaisons community!  Your courses will give you the knowledge, skill & attitude YOU deserve so you can pass your upcoming test.  Check out the video on this page to learn how to get started with your free trial.

Here's How to Access Your Courses:

  1. Scroll down to the "Courses" section below
  2. Find the course you wish to complete
  3. Click the course to begin

Here's How to Maximize Your Course Experience:
  1. Start from the beginning and complete ALL of the modules.
  2. Ask your instructors questions in our private Facebook Customer HUB Group. Make sure you tag them so they can answer!
  3. Go back and review the course multiple times and practice what we model for you!
  4. And always remember... your real-deal exam will NOT look exactly like the questions in your course. Passing is all about understanding the major concepts you are tested on AND having great strategy. We've got your back!
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Free Math Help Every Wednesday Night 
6pm-7pm EST / 5pm-6pm CST

Did you know that we run a free math sessions every Wednesday night on our YouTube Channel?

Our Math Specialists [Amy & Pryia] go though a set of TEN questions each week and can answer your questions.  They go over examples from ALL levels [pk-3, k-6, middle & high school grades]

Make sure you're subscribed to the channel and don't miss these sessions!