Mar 25

240 Tutoring Reviewed: Is It Worth It?

240 Tutoring is a subscription service founded by Scott Rozell in October 2010 that offers users access to teacher examination preparation material. Initially, the site aimed to help Texas teachers pass their state's TExES educator exams, which required a passing score of 240. 

Since then, their handful of study guides has blossomed into 250 with an additional 14 test series, providing material for educators across the United States. 

Their 240 Tutoring platform offers assistance with many exams, including:

  •    Praxis
  •    MTEL
  •    CBEST
  •    FTCE
  •    NYSTC

Preparation program offerings depend on the exam series. Common inclusions are:

  •    Study guides
  •    Practice exams
  •    Video lessons and tutorials
  •    Flashcards

Our 240 Tutoring Review will take you through what you can expect from the platform so you can decide if it's worth it.

240 Tutoring Overview

240 Tutoring is a 100% online, subscription-based service that offers users monthly access to study guide materials for their selected exam preparation program. The platform boasts 14 test series and 250 study guides to help prospective teachers pass their exams and start teaching in classrooms.

A subscriber's material from their preparation program is available month-by-month and can be accessed by logging in from any device. Subscriptions can be canceled anytime, and users will retain access until the current month runs out. In addition, the 240 Guarantee will refund up to 2 months of your subscription should you not pass the test.

Those looking for a 240 Tutoring free trial should check out their free tools:

Interested users can search the site by test series or state (and Washington D.C.) to find relevant study guides and material offered by the platform. Thus, candidates only pay for the subscriptions relevant to their exam needs.  

In addition, those who sign up have 48 hours to cancel and request a full refund. Requests must be sent to

Pros of 240 Tutoring

240 Tutoring has advantages for prospective teachers striving for certification in their states. 

Pros of the platform include:

  •    Designed with the user in mind: The platform is easy to navigate, so users don't waste precious study time hunting for their materials. In addition, the programs are created to reinforce current knowledge while helping users retain new information retainable. 
  •    Represents the actual test: The format of the practice tests and the style of questions accurately reflect what is used on the real certification exams. Thus, users get a real feel of what to expect on the big day. 
  •    Personalized studying roadmap: The platform encourages users to take their diagnostic tests to pinpoint areas needing attention. Those who subscribe will have a personalized plan developed from the diagnostics so users can focus their studies.
  •    Variety of different resources: Your knowledge and memorization will be aided by a breadth of material, including guides, flashcards, practice tests, essays, quizzes, videos, and questions.
  •    Breakdown of results: Diagnostic results are broken down to help you focus your studies.
  •    Improves confidence and reduces stress: The studying material and practice tests help users feel more comfortable and less anxious about the big day. They have a clearer idea of what to expect regarding format and content. In addition, they've had many opportunities to recreate the exam experience, so they have become accustomed to answering relevant questions under pressure.
  •    240 Tutoring guarantee: The platform offers up to two months a refund for up to two months if users don't pass, provided terms and conditions are met. 

Cons of 240 Tutoring

Many 240 Tutoring users will recommend this platform, but it's important to be aware of areas where it is weak. 

Cons of the platform include: 

  •    Some exams have limited resources: Some of the platform's offerings, such as Texas History, offer little to the user despite the price. 
  •    Some exams have repetitive and poorly structured questions: Quantity is not quality. Users need as many different questions as possible and for them to be designed at the same standard as the real deal. 
  •    Several study guides are incompatible with the actual exam: Users have had issues with some guides not reflecting current testing material, such as with FTCE Social Science. 
  •    Some exams ask questions irrelevant to the current test: Candidates need content that applies to the exams they are taking. 
  •    Limited to three practice tests: Many users were disappointed and wanted opportunities to take practice tests.  
  •    Limited access to practice tests and no retakes: Regardless of diagnostic results, users are expected to do the programs in a specific way and cannot take any practice exams until near the end of the courses. In addition, once a practice test is taken, it cannot be taken again. 
  •    Want an alternative? Consider using The Learning Liaisons: They ensure their material aligns with current tests and have experts on hand if you require 1-1 support.

240 Tutoring - Honest Review

We've carefully explored the 240 Tutoring platform and analyzed all user reviews. Overall, many of their users are satisfied customers who achieved satisfactory results. 

Many who found the service helpful were candidates who failed their exams when trying to prepare on their own. Their past experience combined with 240 Tutoring's program preparation material was enough to achieve success on their next attempt. 

However, signing up to 240 Tutoring as a first-time test taker is insufficient to pass the certification exams. These tests are rigorous and require months of preparation. 240 Tutoring is a tool to be used as a guideline within your study plan, not a sole solution. Thus, while many users find it worth it, it should not be mistaken for a one-stop solution.

240 Tutoring Price

240 Tutoring charges $49.99 per month for each testing series, providing access to all study guides within a subscription. Subscriptions renew automatically on the date you subscribed (i.e., if you signed up on March 3 it will automatically renew on April 3). 

240 Tutoring is competitively priced compared to other online offerings that easily range from $50-60 per month. In addition, you can cancel at any time and will still retain access until that month's subscription has been completed. 

Most users complete the 240 Tutoring preparation materials within 2 months. However, most users will require at least four months of studying before being ready enough to pass. Thus, ensure you use the plan as a tool in your preparation plans, not a total solution.

Signing up for 240 Tutoring

Signing up for 240 Tutoring is pretty straightforward. 

The steps to join are the following:

  1. Choose your state or the exam series you're preparing for.
  2. Click "Subscribe".
  3. Create a 240 Tutoring account with your email address and password.
  4. Pay.
  5. Access all your study materials. 

Inside the 240 Tutoring Platform

You can get started with the 240 Tutoring program once you've set up an account and have paid for the study guides. Afterward, two tabs will be visible at the top of the user's screen: Courses and Profile. 

Clicking the courses tab will reveal all program-specific study guides you can use to prepare for the exam. If you want to add a study guide to your dashboard, click the green Enroll button. After you are enrolled, there will be an orange Resume button at the top of your user profile screen. 

Clicking the profile tab will provide access to the following information:

  •    Enrollments: All study guides that you are enrolled in will be displayed along with the percentage of progress. 
  •    Downloadable records: You can find your reports such as Plan to Pass, Practice Test report, Transcript, and Certificate of Completion for any finished study guides. 
  •    Info: Personal account information such as name, email address, and the date your account was created.
  •    Billing: A list of subscriptions and their billing dates. It is also where you can edit payment methods. 
  •    Status: Displays if an account is active or not.

240 Tutoring Guarantee

240 Tutoring Guarantee offers to refund users up to two months of their subscription if they fail the test. However, eligibility depends on certain conditions:

  •    User must have achieved a 240 Tutoring pass rate of 90% or higher on their practice test.
  •    User's exam title must match the 240 Study Guide and practice test.
  •    Users must have taken the exam within 30 days of canceling their subscription (i.e., If you canceled your subscription on March 1 and took the test on April 2, you will not be eligible for the refund if you fail it.) 
  •    Users must provide a copy of the official score report to 240 Tutoring. In addition, the first and last name on the official score report must match the first and last name used for the 240 Tutoring account. 
  •    Users must request a refund within three months of the failed exam attempt. 

Users who skip some or all practice tests are not eligible for the 240 Tutoring Guarantee. Nor will they qualify if their score is below 90%. 

Be aware: 240 Tutoring will remove the study guides, progress, and reports from the user's account if a refund is granted. 

Start Preparing for Your Teacher Exam

Teacher certification exams help ensure candidates have the skills and knowledge to succeed in the classroom. It can initially feel daunting, but through experience and preparation, candidates can pass their exams. 

Giving yourself time to prepare is one of the most important elements of clearing the hurdle of teaching certification exams. Cramming studying into a month or two isn't enough. Create a preparation timeline of at least four months and use a variety of sources, tools, and studying techniques to get ready for test day.  

Passing your exams is a huge achievement and is a crucial step to having a career in the classroom where you can positively impact the younger generations. We at The Learning Liaisons can help support you towards that goal with the following:

Interactive video courses and workshops.

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  •    Test-taking strategies. 
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  •    Study tips. 
  •    Exam-taking strategies. 
  •    Options for 1-1 support.

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