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Florida Educational Leadership Exam (FELE)

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Florida Educational Leadership Exam

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FELE Test Test Overview

The Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) is an assessment that evaluates the competency of individuals who aspire to hold leadership positions in Florida's educational system. 
The FELE comprises three subtests:
  • Student Learning: Assesses your competency in instructional leadership and the ability to promote student achievement and academic growth.
  • Organizational Leadership: Evaluates your skills in organizational management, resource allocation, and personnel development within an educational setting.
  • System Leadership: Measures your knowledge in educational leadership, ethics, policy, and community engagement.
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Quick facts about FELE

Required for

Aspiring educational leaders in Florida seeking certification for positions like school principal or assistant principal.

Test format

Multiple-choice questions, written performance sections, and case study assignments.


The fee for all three subtests ranges between $215 and $265, depending on the test combination.


1 hour and 30 minutes to 4 hours and 30 minutes

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Components of the FELE  Exam

The FELE exam is divided into three subtests assessing candidates on 13 domains. These domains evaluate instructional leadership, organizational management, community engagement, ethical conduct, and strategic planning.
Test Purpose Questions Format
Subtest 1: Leadership for Student Learning Assess your ability to lead student learning effectively Multiple-choice and constructed-response questions
Subtest 2: Organizational Development Evaluates your competencies in organizational leadership, such as human resource management, financial management, and creating a positive workplace culture. Multiple-choice and constructed-response questions
Subtest 3: Systems Leadership Evaluate your proficiency in educational systems like family and community engagement, ethical leadership, decision-making, and school improvement planning. Multiple-choice and constructed-response questions

FELE Exam Subjects

The FELE exam has three subtests, which are made up of several subjects. Here are the FELE exam subjects:

Subtest 1: Leadership for Student Learning

  1. Student Achievement and Human Development
  2. Instructional Leadership and Assessment
  3. Organizational development

Subtest 2: Organizational Development

  1. Human Resource Leadership
  2. Ethical Leadership and Professional Responsibility
  3. Systems Leadership

Subtest 3: Systems Leadership

  1. Leadership for Learning
  2. Communication and community relations
  3. Decision-making and problem-solving
  4. Technology and Information Systems
  5. Diversity Leadership
  6. Advocacy and Influence
  7. Managerial Leadership

Test Prep FELE  Videos To Help You Prepare

Success Stories: The Learning Liaisons and FELE Test

Learn from successful educational leaders who have succeeded with us. Here are reviews from Florida educators who passed the FELE Test and propelled their careers forward with the help of The Learning Liaisons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you study for the FELE  Test?

The time you need to study for the FELE exams depends on your familiarity with the exams and your test preparedness. 

We suggest you study thoroughly for two to three months. Assess your strengths and weaknesses and create a strategic study plan to cover all areas adequately.

What’s the Passing Rate of the FELE Test?

According to the Florida Department of Education<, the overall pass rate for all subtests of FELE is 69%. The figures vary between 64% and 75% by different subtests.

Adequate preparation is necessary to be confident and excel in the FELE exams.

When can you retake FELE?

You can retake a subtest or section after a 31-day waiting period. However, you can only take each subtest five times within a year. 

Review your performance, identify areas for improvement, and adjust your study approach before attempting a retake.

The best way to prepare for FELE

The best way to prepare for the FELE Test is by utilizing expert-designed study guides, interactive practice tests, and personalized coaching sessions. 

We provide all the material you need to prepare for your FELE test. Our practice tests are mock exams to help you familiarize yourself with the test format and boost your confidence.