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We Partner with School Districts & Universities to Help Teachers & Teacher Candidates Pass Their Exams

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Trusted By School Districts & Universities Nationwide

About Our Program

At The Learning Liaisons, we're committed to empowering educators to excel in their certification exams. Our program offers a holistic approach to exam preparation, blending in-depth study materials, proven test taking strategies and innovative teaching strategies.

Key features of our program include:

Comprehensive Video Courses

Our video guides are meticulously crafted to align with the latest exam standards, ensuring your students have the most relevant and up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Empowerment & Confidence

The combination of award-winning teacher course leaders, our comprehensive prep program, and the support of thousands of teachers in our Facebook groups makes TLL unparalleled when compared with other resources.

Performance Reporting

Our detailed performance reports & course dashboards offer valuable insights into teachers' readiness and prep progress for our institutional partners. This allows our partners to save money on teacher recruitment costs, and ensure they retain their teachers and teacher candidates effectively.

Through our dedicated support and resources, we strive to make the certification journey as smooth and successful as possible for your future teachers.

Why Choose TLL?

Outstanding features for highly customizable Courses, Units, Lessons, and Quizzes.

Proven Model

With a 90%+ pass rate, those who participate in our program significantly increase their chances of passing their tests. This statistic not only highlights our program's effectiveness but also our commitment to your teachers' success.

Meet State Requirements

Our courses are designed to align with state competencies and skills, as outlined in the exam blueprints or frameworks. This ensures that the preparation is not only comprehensive but also highly targeted and relevant.

Increase Teacher Retention

By handling the complexities of test preparation, we free up your educators to focus on what they do best: professional development, pedagogy, and classroom management. This approach not only enhances teaching quality but also contributes to higher job satisfaction and teacher retention.


We offer 25-40% discounts for institutional sales of courses and bundles depending on volume. We believe in equipping every educator with the tools they need, without the burden of high costs.


TLL provides detailed reporting for district and school leaders, enabling them to track individual teachers' training completion. This feature is vital for ensuring accountability and measuring the effectiveness of the program.

Resources & Materials

Our comprehensive suite of resources includes guides, courses, and a mobile app packed with test-prep materials, instructional videos, pre-quizzes, practice tests, rationalization videos, and digital flashcards.

Frequently asked questions at TLL

How does TLL ensure the study material is up-to-date?

Our team continuously monitors changes in exam patterns and updates the study material accordingly, ensuring that our teachers always have access to the most current resources.

Is there any support available for teachers while using the program?

Yes, we offer comprehensive support through our online platform, where teachers can ask questions, receive guidance, and interact with peers and experts in our private groups.

How does TLL's program aid in teacher retention?

By taking the stress of test prep off the teachers' shoulders, TLL allows them to focus on professional development, enhancing job satisfaction, and reducing turnover rates.