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Choose from our extensive list of certification exams. Our comprehensive courses are led by award-winning educators who have been in your shoes. We give you a thorough understanding of the necessary skills and preparation you need to pass any teacher certification test.

Florida Teacher Certification Exams [FTCE]

The FTCE is part of Florida's teacher licensing and certification requirements that tests your teaching competences in different subject areas. We help you pass your FTCE tests with our comprehensive online prep program.

Florida Educational Leadership Exam [FELE]

The Florida Educational Leadership Exam (FELE) is a special test that evaluates and enhances the capacity and quality of educational leaders across Florida.

Praxis Test [National Exams]

The Praxis test is a nationwide requirement for the licensing and certification of teachers. Our Praxis Test Prep Courses are specially designed to help you pass.

Texas Examinations for Educator Standards [TExES]

Our team of experienced educators and TexES experts have created courses that will help you pass the unique teaching standards of Texas.

Michigan Tests for Teacher Certification [MTTC]

The MTTC is designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills for prospective teachers in Michigan. Our comprehensive MTTC prep courses help you pass your exam.

Why Choose The Learning Liaisons for Your Teacher Certification Exam?

At The Learning Liaisons, we have everything you need to prepare for your exam. We're your trusted partner, chosen by thousands of educators nationwide. We understand that your journey towards becoming a certified educator is both exciting and challenging, and we take pride in offering everything you need to excel in your teacher certification exam. We offer curated courses, personalized study plans developed by industry experts that guarantee teacher certification exam success.
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Once you've chosen your exam, enroll in our tailored courses designed specifically for your chosen test. We provide flexible learning options, allowing you to learn at your convenience.

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Leverage our immersive learning tools, regular progress tests, and insightful feedback from experienced educators to ensure you're exam-ready. With The Learning Liaisons, you won't just pass your exam; you'll excel.

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Get inspired by the success stories of our alumni. These are educators who trusted The Learning Liaisons for their certification journey and pass their exams. Hear their experiences and envision your own success story!

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Learn you to pass your exam one the 1st attempt after using our courses with our specially designed pre-quizzes, lesson videos, strategy videos, rational videos, customized digital flashcards, and much more!

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Certificate Downloads

Need to showcase your completion of one of our courses for your university or school district?  Once you finish your courses in their entirety, you can download a customized certification for documentation
Alexander G.

When you pass not if you pass!

The Learning Liaisons was the best thing that happened to me during my certification journey! I took the reading endorsement exam only using a book and failed. I took a few months and really focused on using the book camp and as the the program says “it’s not if you pass it’s when you pass”. Not only did the strategies given help me to pass I felt confident in the content and truly learned things that I was able to apply in the classroom. I am so grateful for Learning Liaisons and the role it played it my certification journey!
Jennette A.

Awesome Prep Program!

This was a great overview of the 5-9 Science exam. I took my time and studied over the course of 3 months so I was thoroughly prepared. I would highly recommend this program for anyone needing to prepare for a certification addition. Thanks Dr. Jason!
Lisa L.

Putting the strategies into practice

I appreciated the learning strategies. It helped me with some of my testing anxiety. There were a few technical difficulties with videos but that was easily sorted out. The flash cards were great (some were misspelled though), and the learning activities were extremely helpful.

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