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Discover how The Learning Liaisons has transformed the certification journey for aspiring teachers. Delve into real-life experiences of those who've unlocked their potential, mastered their exams, and walked into their testing centers with unwavering confidence.

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"Learning Liaisons was the best thing that happened to me during my certification journey! I took the reading endorsement exam only using a book and failed. I took a few months and really focused on using the book camp and as the the program says “it’s not if you pass it’s when you pass”. Not only did the strategies given help me to pass I felt confident in the content and truly learned things that I was able to apply in the classroom. I am so grateful for Learning Liaisons and the role it played it my certification journey!"

Alexander G, July 18, 2023

“I could not have passed without The Learning Liaisons help. I had taken my GK reading test 3 times, so I knew I had to do something different. I used LL for 2 weeks to help me prepare for my 4th attempt. It was the best money I’ve ever spent on test prep! The instructors are so encouraging and they are always there if you have questions. Thank you LL for supporting me through this journey!!”

Skylar S., July 17, 2023

“This was a great overview of the 5-9 Science exam. I took my time and studied over the course of 3 months so I was thoroughly prepared. I would highly recommend this program for anyone needing to prepare for a certification addition. Thanks Dr. Jason!”

Jennette A., July 19, 2023

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Our Commitment to Future Teachers

At The Learning Liaisons, we're not just about helping you pass. We're about transformation. We believe that with the right knowledge, skill, and attitude, every aspiring educator can overcome the certification hurdle and shine. And while others may compare, we let the success stories of our rock star educators be our testament.

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