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Pass Their Certification Tests On The 1st Attempt

Boost your confidence, master your exam, and become a certified teacher. Gain the knowledge, skills, and attitude you need to enter your testing center and excel like a rock star. Pass your exam with our premium video boot camps, designed for success every step of the way.
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Do your prep materials
look nothing like your actual exam?

Learn proven test-taking strategies and major concepts tested by our rock-star award-winning educators featured in our video courses.

Quality, you can trust

We offer premium prep courses for the Florida Teacher Certification Exams [FTCE], Praxis [National Exam], Texas Examinations of Educator Standards [TExES] & the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification [MTTC] teacher certification exams. 

All of our courses are directly aligned with the test blueprints provided by the Pearson and ETS testing companies.  We also have an award-winning team of experts who will teach you how to pass your tests.

 Test Aligned Content Review & Practice Questions

We utilize the test blueprints to create our teacher certification prep boot camps.  Each boot camp includes the blueprints so you can follow along.

Proven Test Taking Strategies

Passing any teacher certification exam is 80% strategy and 20% content.  Regardless of the state, on average, every exam requires approximately a 70% passing score.  Don't worry about your scale score, your passing score is the key and we will teach you strategies that will make passing easy peasy.

What's included?

Training Videos At Your Own Pace

Our course hours vary, but the majority run from anywhere between 10-35 hours.  This includes quizzes, tests, content lessons, flashcards, and strategy videos.  We recommend 3-4 weeks of working through our courses to build the confidence needed to pass your test on the 1st attempt. 

PDF Downloads

While you can NOT download and save our course videos, any quiz or lesson review video has a corresponding PDF of the slides your instructor uses to teach the material that you can download and save.  Download them before watching that video, in order to take notes and follow along.

Digital Flashcards

Most courses have embedded digital flashcards at the end of each section.  The objective of these flashcards is to hone in on the major concepts you will be required to understand and apply on your exam.  The content for these cards is pulled straight from your test blueprint for your state and exam.

Completion Certificates

Each of our teacher certification prep boot camps has a downloadable customized completion certificate.  This certificate download appears when you complete all of the course assessments and digital flashcards, and watch 100% of each of the course videos.

Many of our school district and university partners require this as documentation that you've completed the prep.  Teachers who complete our courses with fidelity have a 90% or above pass rate.

Lower Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is REAL, whether you are clinically diagnosed or not.  One of the main reasons why our Founder, Dr. Jason Ampel, created this program is because he suffered from stress and anxiety every time he took a test growing up.

In all of our teacher certification test prep boot camps, we focus on helping you lower anxiety by practicing proven methods that will help you BOOST YOUR SCORE to help make passing your test that much easier.
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  • Pre-Quizzes & Tests
  • Video Lessons Aligned With Your Test Blueprint
  • Question Rationale Videos
  • Digital Flashcards 
  • Proven Test Taking Strategies
  • How To Study To Pass Your Exam
  • Learn All About Your Exam

Ready to get started?

Help from award-winning educators....

The Learning Liaison is nothing like any other teacher licensure prep resource out there.

We recruit award-winning teachers, many of them are recent Teachers of the Year, to be the instructional specialists in each of our courses.  They are exemplars in their content area, have been in your shoes and are the best people to teach you the content and how to break down the questions on your specific exam.

Many resources out there are taught by one or two people with ZERO teaching experience actually teaching that content in a classroom setting.

Why would you want to learn about how to pass a math test from someone who has never been a math teacher? 

Or even better yet, certified in that content area?
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  • Available For Q&A in Private Group
  • It's Like Having Your Own 1-1 Tutor
  • They've Been In Your Shoes
  • Certified in the Content Area For Your Exam

Ready to get started?

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Helping Teachers Pass with Confidence

Discover how our program empowers educators and enhances teacher retention through comprehensive, state-aligned prep courses. Partner with us to leverage a proven model that supports teachers and candidates in passing their certification exams.

Why Partner With The Learning Liaisons?

We’ve helped individuals like you obtain the training and credentials they need to deliver expert advice and provide quality services. Now it’s your turn to help others.

Comprehensive Exam Preparation

Featuring award-winning teachers that teach comprehensive exam strategies with detailed question rationales and content walkthroughs

State-Aligned Curriculum

Our courses are designed to align with state competencies and skills, ensuring highly targeted and relevant preparation.

Enhanced Teacher Retention

By simplifying test prep, we enable educators to focus on fostering growth and classroom excellence, enhancing quality and satisfaction.

Affordable Solutions

Get access to top-tier resources without the financial strain. That's why we offer 25-40% discounts for our partners.
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Trusted by School Districts & Universities Nationwide

"The courses provide good knowledge and the staff is approachable and able to cater to our understanding without any compromise on the standards, regulations and guidelines. I would recommend taking up this course with them as it is a necessity to learn professional skills."
Nick Dawson
"Armed with the knowledge and techniques obtained from your school, I feel more equipped to navigate the challenging social aspects of the real world and become a professional in my field of choice."
Sue Porter
"I would definitely recommend your school to anyone hoping to pursue a career and be a professional. The support they provided to their students was simply outstanding and the genuine interest and care was obvious and incomparable."
Jenna Bright
Dr. Jason Ampel, The Learning Liaisons

My Job Is To Help You Keep Your Job


"We provide teachers with the knowledge, skill, and attitude they deserve." 
-Dr. A

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Rocio can now focus on her students...

The Learning Liaisons is a wonderful company that has lots of resources to help test takers study and pass their tests. The team is amazing, Dr. A is a hard worker and a dedicated owner. He is always willing to help you or to address you with the proper experienced professional in his team!!! Their strategies are fabulous and of course, you need to know the test’s content and you need to practice and practice to get ready for “your performance against the state”. I am really thankful for this tremendous team, for their encouragement and feedback. They care about you and your needs!!! Keep inspiring more teachers!! You all rock!! 

     What teachers say...

Highly recommend! Utilized the FTCE GK boot camps to prepare for my first time testing. Pending the essay score, I passed all exams on the first try. #whenyoupass

I felt confident going into the exam. I utilized the #nofishing, #STOW, and #PEMDAS strategies for success. Thank you TLL!
This is an amazing program that gives you test-taking strategies, helps you prepare for the certification exam, and has great support staff to answer any questions you may have.
Jennifer Walker
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