Mr. Andrew Wade

Social Studies Specialist

Andrew Wade is an enthusiastic educator with a love of bringing history alive for his students.  He has his Bachelor's degree in Social Science Education and is certified in Social Science 6-12 as well as Mathematics 5-9.

He is currently in his 13th year as an educator, and in that time has served as Grade Level and Social Studies Department Leader.  He has led trainings in his district regarding the use of technology in the classroom and flipping your class.  He runs his very own Youtube channel to accomplish the flipped model for his students.  He has also led trainings on the implementation of scales and standards-based grading in Social Studies. 

He has taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grades while covering World History, US History, and Civics.  He has also worked for two years as a New Teacher Center Trained Mentor to new teachers coming to his school.

Mr. Wade has also taken part in multiple grants through the Teaching American History program to enhance his craft.  These have involved field studies across the country led by scholars of the period being studied.  A big part of these trainings has been put on the use of primary sources in Social Studies.

He is very passionate about bringing these lessons to his students, engaging with the students using the content, and implementing all this with in a way that his students can draw connections to their own lives.  
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