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Teachers of Tomorrow Review - Teacher Certification Course Review 2024

Teachers of Tomorrow is an alternative certification program (ACP) provider for aspiring educators. The program is available in various states, such as Texas, Michigan, Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, and Nevada.

ACPs offer an alternative route for prospective educators with a degree in a major other than education to get certified without going through the traditional teacher preparation pathways.

ACPs are structured for accelerated learning, facilitating preparation for classroom roles in a matter of weeks. 

In this review, we'll look into Teachers of Tomorrow and its efficacy in equipping aspiring educators with the skills and proficiency to thrive in the teaching profession.

What is the Teachers of Tomorrow Program?

The Teachers of Tomorrow program adopts a hands-on methodology to equip aspiring educators with applicable skills and hasten their entry into teaching roles.

Here's a brief outline of the program: 

  1.    You begin by filling out a cost-free application
  2.    You'll be required to provide your official transcripts
  3.    Once your transcripts have been reviewed and you're declared eligible, you'll be enrolled in the Teachers Of Tomorrow program. 
  4.    Once enrolled, you'll be given access to all the training resources. You progress through the online training modules at your preferred pace. 
  5.    Depending on how fast you complete the initial training, you'll engage in teaching duties for one academic year through an internship.
  6.    In the internship, you'll receive a complete salary and benefits.
  7.    Continue working to obtain your complete certification upon fulfilling all program prerequisites.

Even after being licensed as an educator, Teachers of Tomorrow continues to support you. They link you to a wide alumni network where you can network with your fellow educators. They also offer professional development news and opportunities.

States/Areas of Service 

The Teachers of Tomorrow program is available in the following nine states: 

  •    Florida
  •    Nevada
  •    North Carolina
  •    South Carolina
  •    Texas
  •    Arizona
  •    Indiana
  •    Michigan
  •    Ohio

The requirements for enrollment vary slightly by the GPA requirements set by each state. For instance, prospective teachers in Arizona need a 4-year bachelor's degree with a GPA of 2.0+, while those in South Carolina need a GPA of 2.5+.  

What to Expect When You Enroll in the Program

The Teachers of Tomorrow program is accelerated to help aspiring educators get the skills, knowledge, and certification to teach in their preferred state. The curriculum is created with the state education standards and regulations in mind.

When you choose the Teachers of Tomorrow program, you can expect:  

  •    Tailored curriculum to meet individual needs and give you relevant training based on your career aspirations.
  •    Access to curriculum resources and lesson plans to help in lesson preparation.
  •    Hands-on classroom experiences with supportive mentor teachers.
  •    Guidance in meeting state-specific certification requirements
  •    Mentorship and support from over 200 experienced educators to guide you through the challenges faced by new teachers.
  •    Test preparation for required certification exams to help you prepare and pass assessments.
  •    Networking opportunities with fellow educators and alumni.
  •    Job placement assistance to help you in the application and interview process.
  •    Continuous professional development opportunities to support your ongoing growth as a teacher.

Costs and Subscription Tiers

The Teachers of Tomorrow alternative certification fees varies from one state to another.

For instance, the table below shows the approximate cost of the program in Texas.

Application fee $0
Enrollment fee $115 per month for three months or a one-time payment of $299
Balance $4,700, payable in monthly installments  
Total Program Cost  $4,999

Pros and Cons of the Teachers of Tomorrow Alternative Certification Program

Each educator preparation program has its advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we will look at the pros and cons of the Teachers of Tomorrow program.


  •    No application fees are required.
  •    Support is provided for preparing for certification exams.
  •    Individuals with a bachelor's degree in any field are eligible to enroll.
  •    It is self-paced, allowing candidates to begin teaching in as little as three months.
  •    The program offers flexibility, enabling candidates to balance work commitments while studying.
  •    The curriculum is grounded in research and focuses on equipping candidates with crucial pedagogy and classroom management skills.


  •    The Teachers of Tomorrow program curriculum is online and self-paced, requiring candidates to be steadfast and self-driven.
  •    There is no physical interaction between candidates and their instructors or peers, which can cause a feeling of isolation.
  •    Program costs, exam fees, and other certification expenses may limit aspiring educators with financial challenges.
  •    Candidates working and learning at the same time risk burnout, especially during the exam preparation period.

Recent Reviews from Teachers of Tomorrow Candidates

Here are some of the reviews of Teachers of Tomorrow from Trustpilot.

Michelle in the Texas office is Amazing. She is very thorough and knowledgeable. She is who you need to speak to.

Jazmen Lucas

I had the most amazing experience with Teachers of Tomorrow! Throughout my journey with this program, I not only honed my teaching skills but also had the opportunity to build lifelong friendships with my colleagues. The support and camaraderie among my fellow aspiring educators were truly heartwarming and made my learning experience even more rewarding.

Tracee Barlow

I spoke with Tony, and he was extremely helpful, informed, and guided me through the next steps of my teaching journey!
Amy Struble.

Amy Struble.


The Teachers of Tomorrow is accredited by the Accrediting Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP). 

This is an accreditation body that ensures all educator programs in the USA meet the quality standards for educator preparation.


Over 80,000 teachers and counting have been certified through the Teachers of Tomorrow program. 

School districts rely on the program to provide qualified educators to meet tier classroom demand. This is an endorsement of the program's commitment to providing thousands of aspirin educators with simple, affordable, and time-conscious teacher certification.

Contact Information

To enroll in the Teachers of Tomorrow program or learn more about the offerings, you can visit the Teachers of Tomorrow website. They have different versions of the websites for every state.

You can also call them on these phone numbers during working hours.

  1.    Nevada- 702-359-5081
  2.    Michigan-  313-209-3504
  3.    Texas- 877-888-2640
  4.    South Carolina- 803-576-4375
  5.    North Carolina- 919-750-8474
  6.    Indiana- 317-260-2908
  7.    Florida- 866-778-3224
  8.    Arizona- 602-644-7410

Recent News and Information 2024

Teachers of Tomorrow announced their 2023 scholarship winners. Each of the 20 winners will receive $6,000 to cover the program cost.

The scholarship program is available to candidates who are not already enrolled in the program. Its main focus is to help aspiring teachers who may have financial constraints achieve their career goals.

To apply and check for eligibility, visit the Teachers of Tomorrow scholarships home page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Teachers of Tomorrow ACP Take?

The Teachers of Tomorrow is an online self-paced program. The time you take to complete all the coursework depends on your learning pace and availability.

Most Teachers of Tomorrow candidates finish the initial coursework within 12 weeks. Thereafter, they are placed with an internship and earn as they complete the certification requirements.

What is the cost of the Teachers of Tomorrow ACP?

The program cost for the Teachers of Tomorrow varies by state. This amount is divided into an enrollment fee and a balance, which you pay once you start working as a teacher.

When you pay the enrollment fee, you can access all the training resources and exam prep material.

Once you're certified and earning as a teacher, you can pay the remainder of your program cost in installments.

Overall - How good is Teachers of Tomorrow

The Teachers of Tomorrow alternative certification program is a top choice for anyone seeking alternative pathways to teacher certification.

The program has graduated over 80,000 certified teachers, solidifying a strong history of cultivating successful educators who excel in teaching.

The program is affordable and offers a flexible payment plan for prospective teachers. 

This ACP is the ideal program for career changers looking to become certified teachers in the shortest time.