FTCE Biology 6-12 Boot Camp
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  • Leader: Mr. Steven Virkler
  • Level: Content Area Exam
  • Study time: 20 hours

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The key to passing ANY certification exam comes down to TWO THINGS....

1. Understanding Broad Concepts
2. Having Proven Strategies

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Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of the content covered in all subareas of the FTCE Biology 6-12 Test 

  • Apply effective test taking strategies to approach different types of questions with confidence

  • Identify areas that require further review and reinforce your understanding of key concepts through practice questions and flashcards

  • Manage your time effectively during the test and avoid common pitfalls

  • Access instructor support and interact with fellow students in our private Facebook groups for additional guidance and insights

  • Utilize our TLL When You Pass app to study on-the-go and at your own pace

Course Duration:

The course is self-paced, allowing you to study at your own convenience.

On average, it may take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete the course, depending on your individual study pace and schedule.

Course Overview
Welcome to our FTCE Biology 6-12 Boot Camp!

This online video course is designed to help teachers (and teacher candidates) prepare for and pass their FTCE Biology 6-12 Test for teacher certification.

Led by an award-winning teacher, this course provides comprehensive coverage of all four subareas of the test, along with essential tips, tricks, strategies, and content review to help you succeed on your first attempt.

Enrollment Options:

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  2. Monthly reoccurring subscription to access ALL courses. $50 per month. Cancel anytime in your account.

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See this page for detailed information on all the items included in this amazing boot camp! 

All of our courses here at TLL boast an average of a 90% pass rate!
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Certification Included
Once you complete this course, by watching all the videos, doing all the quizzes & the practice test, you can unlock your Completion Certificate!  Use this as proof of hours, submit it to your district/university or just share it on social!
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All About MTCC 094:
Integrated Science

The MTTC Integrated Sciences test is designed to assess the knowledge and skills of prospective teachers seeking certification in the field of integrated sciences in the state of Michigan.  This test is specifically aimed at evaluating candidates' understanding of scientific concepts and their ability to apply that knowledge in a classroom setting.

The test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, which are divided into four subareas:

1.  Constructing and Reflecting on Scientific Knowledge (approximately 25% of the test):  This subarea examines the connections between constructing experiments and statistics. It includes topics such as collecting and analyzing data, control groups, setting up and conducting scientific investigations, independent and dependent variables, and interpreting data presented in different formats

3.  Life Sciences (approximately 25% of the test):  This subarea focuses on topics related to biology, including cellular processes, genetics, evolution, ecology, and the structure and function of living organisms. Questions may test your knowledge of biological concepts, principles, and processes.

4.  Earth/Space Sciences (approximately 25% of the test):   This subarea covers concepts related to the Earth, space, and the universe. It includes topics such as geology, meteorology, astronomy, and the interactions between Earth's systems. Questions may assess your understanding of Earth's structure, natural phenomena, and the processes that shape the planet.

2.  Physical Sciences (approximately 25% of the test):  This subarea covers topics such as matter, energy, forces, motion, waves, and electricity. Questions may assess your understanding of fundamental principles, scientific laws, and the application of physical science concepts.

Questions may evaluate your knowledge of the scientific method, scientific inquiry, and the societal implications of scientific advancements.To pass the MTTC Integrated Sciences test, you must achieve a scaled score of at least 220, with scores ranging from 100 to 300. If you do not pass on your first attempt, you can retake the test after a waiting period of 30 days.

For more info and to sign up to take the actual exam, visit https://www.mttc.nesinc.com/PageView.aspx?f=GEN_Tests.html

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Meet the instructor

Mr. Steven Virkler

Steven Virkler is the Head of the Science Department at Poinciana High School where he was the 2013 Teacher of the Year.

He currently teaches Advanced Placement Chemistry and Physics, as well as Honors Physics.

So far in his career has also taught: 8th Grade Science, Earth Science, Biology, Astronomy, Geology, and even a couple of years of Algebra and Geometry.  Mr. Virkler has done this teaching in New York, Texas, and Florida. Mr. Virkler has also been an adjunct professor.

Steven’s dedication to teaching students and helping new teachers learn their craft has allowed him to enjoy over 20 years in the field.
Patrick Jones - Course author