Praxis Core Reading Boot Camp 5712/5713 
[1 Year Access]

This on-demand video course is directly aligned with the competencies and skills provided by ETS for the Praxis Core Reading Test [5712/5713].

Your course instructor, Sarah Hall, will lead the way in your video lessons, practice questions, and how to effectively analyze the questions. This course will help build the knowledge, skill, and attitude needed for 1st attempt success.

  • Practice Test
  • Video Lessons
  • Test Takimg Strategies
  • Work At Your Own Pace
  • Ability To Ask The Instructor Questions
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On-Demand Video Course

Exam Focus

Praxis Core Writing

Starting Date


Downloadable Material

Practice Test PDF
Answer Key PDF
Video Lesson PDF's


7.5 Hours



Meet the instructor

William Schumann

Since 2007, I’ve been privileged to coach thousands of people, including visionaries, executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

My goal is to show every single one of my clients that they have the choice to live and lead with more ease, impact, joy, and freedom and stop going through life with a “have to” state of mind.
Patrick Jones - Course author