Praxis Elementary Education: Mathematics 
Subtest 5903 
Boot Camp [1 Year Access]

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  • Leader: Mrs. Amy Sink
  • Level: Content Area Exam
  • Study time: 20 hours

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The key to passing ANY certification exam comes down to TWO THINGS....

1. Understanding Broad Concepts
2. Having Proven Strategies

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Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of the content covered in the Praxis Elementary Education: Mathematics Subtest 5903.

  • Apply effective test taking strategies to approach different types of questions with confidence

  • Identify areas that require further review and reinforce your understanding of key concepts through practice questions and flashcards

  • Manage your time effectively during the test and avoid common pitfalls

  • Access instructor support and interact with fellow students in our private Facebook groups for additional guidance and insights

  • Utilize our TLL When You Pass app to study on-the-go and at your own pace

Course Duration:

The course is self-paced, allowing you to study at your own convenience.

On average, it may take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete the course, depending on your individual study pace and schedule.

Course Overview
Welcome to our Praxis Elementary Education: Mathematics Subtest 5903 Boot Camp

This online video course is designed to help teachers and teacher candidates prepare for and pass their Praxis Elementary Education: Mathematics Subtest 5903 Boot Camp for teacher certification.

Led by one of our rock star teachers, this course provides comprehensive coverage of all four subareas of the test, along with essential tips, tricks, strategies, and content review to help you succeed on your first attempt.

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Certification Included
Once you complete this course, by watching all the videos, doing all the quizzes & the practice test, you can unlock your Completion Certificate!  Use this as proof of hours, submit it to your district/university or just share it on social!
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All About Praxis Elementary Education:
Mathematics Subtest 5903

The Elementary Education: Three Subject Bundle—Mathematics Subtest has been crafted for individuals aspiring to become teachers for children in primary through upper elementary school grades.

This section comprises 50 questions that center around a comprehensive understanding of mathematics and related skills essential for obtaining a teaching license at the elementary school level.

The test isn't specifically aligned with any particular school mathematics curriculum but aims to adhere to the recommendations of prominent studies in mathematics education, such as the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) 2018 K-6 Elementary Teacher Preparation Standards and the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) 2017 Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics.

The assessment incorporates various question types, including selected-response questions such as single-selection multiple-choice questions with four options, multiple-selection multiple-choice questions, and numeric-entry questions.

It's worth noting that some questions in the test may not contribute to your final score.

The following information is straight from the Praxis Testing site:
Overview and Test Objectives Field 117–120: Lower Elementary (PK–3) Education Subtests 1–4

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Meet the instructor

Mrs. Amy Sink

Amy Sink is an energetic and enthusiastic educator who is extremely accomplished in the field of education. She has her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and her Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and graduated with top honors for both degrees. She is passionate about mathematics and making connections across K-12 math for students. She is not only certified in Elementary Education and Educational Leadership, but also in Mathematics 6-12.  Amy also won the Teacher of the Year award in 2023!  Congrats!!

She has taught 1st and 3rd grades and served on the Leadership team as the School Administration Manager. Currently, she is the K-2 mathematics instructional coach at her school and in her free time, she tutors students of all levels of mathematics through Calculus. In fact, during the COVID-19 shut down, she took an online Calculus class for fun!

This summer, Amy developed and presented district-wide Professional Development specifically on strong math instruction and hosted a total of over 700 teachers across her different sessions. She is extremely passionate about engaging students in their learning, building strong foundations across K-12 mathematics instruction, and engaging families in their school community! 

The world of education needs Rockstar teachers and you are the next Rockstar teacher the world needs! It is not if you pass, but when you pass!
Patrick Jones - Course author