TExES 160 PPR Strategy Video Course [1 Year Access]

Do you want to pass your Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities Test [PPR] on the first attempt? How about clear up the confusion on this test and actually be confident and prepared to pass?  

Register today and get access to a recent online five hour training led by Dr. A of The Learning Liaisons.  Dr. A goes through ALL four domains of the test. This course also gives you access to digital vocabulary flashcards on all concepts you need to know for this exam..  

This course does NOT teach you all of the content tested on this exam.
 The focus is on how to analyze test questions and how to prep smart to pass on your first attempt.  Content review and extra practice is in our PPR Boot Camp [which includes these strategy videos]. 

Strategy is KING when passing this test.  This test is 80% strategy and 20% content.  Don't take our word for it, check our hundreds of Facebook and Google reviews! See you on the inside!

This strategy course includes:
  • On-Demand Access To our District PPR Workshop Recordings
  • Vocabulary Flash Cards & Activities
  • Test Taking Strategy Videos

  • PPR Question Drill Sets [Finalized in Early September]
  • Ongoing Q&A Support In Private Customer HUB Facebook Group
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On-Demand Video Course

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TExES: PPR [160]

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5 Hours + Digital Flash Cards



As educators, one of our main objectives is to help students reach their potential in the classroom, as well as in life after school. 

However, there is a series of speed bumps in your way of actually teaching. 

One of these speed bumps is called the Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities Test [PPR]. Contrary to whatever you've heard (or experienced in your own attempt at this test), you can pass this test and will pass this test.

The problem is that 99% of the prep material out there is not helpful, ESPECIALLY STUDY GUIDES. 

They do not give you the answers to the questions on the test and they are inundated with WAY TOO MUCH info and it will drive you bananas. Plus, when you go take the actual test, NOTHING you see in any prep material you paid for looks anything like your test (I'm sure you've experienced this already if you attempted this exam).


This five-hour ONLINE training (led by our Founder, Dr. A) will get the ball rolling with your study process. This training will go through each of the four domains and teach you the knowledge, skill and attitude needed to pass. In this session you will be introduced to a series of proven test taking strategies through the analyzation of test questions.


The real work comes with practicing the proven startegies modelled in this course + completing our corresponding PPR content boot camp.

The biggest question you have to ask yourself is....

  1. Do I want to pass and keep/get my job?
  2. Do I want to struggle on my own and lose my job, because of failure on this test?
We would LOVE to help you on your prep journey!

Register today and get everything you need to pass this exam and get on to more important things.....LIKE TEACHING your students.

The Learning Liaisons have helped over 10,000 teachers pass their various certification exams over teh past few years. Feel free to check out their Facebook Reviews and Google Reviews.

This course will show you step-by-step tips, tricks, insight and strategies that will put you in the best position to pass. No more wasting money by paying the state of Texas numerous times to take this test.

As a TOP Rated Teacher Certification Prep resource, Dr. A works with dozens of school districts and universities to help educators prep smart, NOT hard for their Certification Exams. Save money and time by attending and getting what you need for 1st attempt success. Stop paying the state over and over again to take this test.

Nationwide, approximately 58% of college students & teachers pass their exams on the 1st attempt, according to the various DOE's.  

BUT.....our courses have over a 90% first attempt pass rate.

Don't become a statistic. 

Learn the knowledge, skill and attitude needed for 1st attempt success.  

This workshop focuses on the most-effective test taking strategies teachers MUST practice to help guarantee success on this exam.