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Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my courses I purchased?

When you signed up for a course, you made an account with your email and password you created.  Use those to log in on our website by click the “SIGN IN” button at the top right of the website @

When I try to log into the website, it says my email is not found or incorrect. I need to access the courses I purchased.  

Please make sure you are signing in with the email you used to register with. If you registered with our single-sign-on option by clicking the join by “Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn” icon on the sign in page, then you must use that to access your courses.

I paid for courses, but when I log into the website it shows that I have no courses. Why? I paid for them. 

Happy to help! Sometimes teachers register with one email account, but when they visit our website, they create a new account with a different email. To access your courses, you MUST use the same email address you used to register with. Your courses do not link between multiple accounts.

I am trying to watch my course videos while I am at my school, BUT the videos are not playing. The screen is black. Please help! I need to study. Is the site not working? 

Hi! Unfortunately, some school districts have very strict internet filters and many websites (including The Learning Liaisons). It might let you log in, but your district filters do not allow our videos to stream. You can verify this very easily by trying to log in on your phone or at home. This should tell you it’s the filters at school. If it still does not work at home, let us know.

My course expired. Can I get it extended?

We understand that sometimes your test date gets pushed back or your workload at school is massive. We can offer a one-time extension on a case-by-case basis. If we see you have used your course and are working, we can extend it.  Email us at to request one and we will review your account.

Do you offer 1-1 tutoring?

We offer tutoring services for teachers who are enrolled in our prep courses. This is an additional charge. Since our video courses are so comprehensive and allow questions to your course leader, it is more cost-effective to enroll in our course’s vs just 1-1 tutoring. For more info about our tutoring services visit this page:

How do I find out how much time I have left in my Learning Liaisons course?  

We know you are very busy with school and sometimes things get away from you.  To keep track of how much time you have left you have TWO options.  

1.  When you log into your course dashboard, your time left is stamped right onto of your course icon you click to launch the course.

2.  You can refer to your payment invoice, which is in your profile when you log in.  It is a drop-down menu from the top of your course dashboard.