Ms. Pryia Persaud

Math Specialist

Pryia Persaud is a spirited tutor/educator since 2009. She has always had a knack for teaching and mentoring. This allowed her to take her passion and turn it into her driving force.

Pryia graduated with her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Secondary Education Mathematics; as well as a Master’s degree in Secondary Education Mathematics with a Mathematical Science Graduate Certificate. She has been helpings educators conquer the FTCE since 2014. Pryia has passed all three exams for the FTCE, with her Subject Area Exam being in Mathematics 6-12.    
Aside from education, Pryia enjoys spending days at the various theme parks in Florida. With her fun-loving nature and nurturing demeanor, Pryia was able to merge two of her favorite things, educating and adventure, and created the unique teaching style she has today. Conquering life through mathematics has always been a strong belief of Pryia’s. Her fondness for mathematics grows daily as she watches her students of all ages have their “aha” moment. 
One of her greatest rewards is receiving praise from her students telling her “You make math seem easy.” or “You’re great at explaining math, that’s why I love it now.”
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