Praxis Core Math Resources

We understand that your Core Writing Test can be stressful and you keep getting so close to your passing score. We've got your back! We have several resources below.

 Check out a sample lesson from our Math Magician...Anderson!

All of our Praxis courses are directly aligned with the skills and competencies listed by the ETS and have all of the 5733 updates included! 

Our boot camp is content review lesons and practice.
Our Math Channel is pure practice.  Check them both out! Together you will be unstoppable!

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Practice Question Bank Video Channel

Over 400 practice questions with video solutions!

This platform is NOT on this website and is NOT a part of the Coire Math Boot Camp.  This is EXTRA practice.

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We've helped thousands of teachers around the country clear up the confusion on passing their exams. You're up next.


Pass Your Praxis On The 1st Attempt

We've helped thousands of teachers around the state clear up the confusion pass their Praxis Tests. You're up next.
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