MTTC VIP Subscription 

This subscription gives you FULL access to all of our MTTC Prep Boot Camps at the time of your enrollment.  We are always building and adding.

Please see all of the current boot camps below that are included at the moment of enrollment. You can even check out a sample video!

If we add a new boot camp that you need and you do not see it in your course dashboard, please let us know and we will add it to your account for you.

You will be billed monthly.
Cancel anytime in your account settings of your course dashboard.
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Benefits of this subscription plan

Clear Up The Confusion

Passing is all about having the KNOWLEDGE, SKILL & ATTITUDE needed to pass on your 1st attempt. We've got your back.

Rock Star Instructors

All of our boot camps are video-based and feature rock star award-winning teachers who ACTUALLY teach the content at their school district right now. They've been in your shoes and know how to pass.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our teachers rate our courses with a 95% satisfaction rate when surveyed at the conclusion of each boot camp. We've been in your shoes and know the frustration.

Material you'll love

This class will be a super easy way to prep smart, not hard. Not only will you learn to pass your exam, but at the same time become a better educator.

Set and achieve goals

Our boot camps are setup in a strategic way to maximize your prep in a short amount of time. use our pre-quizzes and practice tests to self-assess and target your skill deficiencies. 

Flexible payment options

Your subscription allows you to get unlimited access to all of our courses that are priced at $100 and above for individual purchase. You can PAUSE or CANCEL your subscription at ANY time in your account settings.

MTTC VIP Subscription [$50]

This monthly subscription can be cancelled at anytime. It contains access to all of our MTTC prep boot camps at the time of your enrollment. Please see the list of courses on our subscription page BEFORE you enroll.

What's included?

Unlimited access to ALL of our MTTC Prep Boot Camps! Our video courses boast over a 90% pass rate across the board!
  • Quizzes
  • Practice Tests
  • Question Analyzation/Rationale Videos
  • Video Lessons
  • Digital Flashcards 
  • Access to Private Customer FB Group for Q&A with Your Teacher
  • Highly Engaging courses
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