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If your goal is to become a certified teacher in the state of Texas, you need to pass all of your TExES Tests in a certain time span. If you want to make yourself more marketable to districts, the quicker you can pass them, the better.  OR....You might be in a position where you MUST pass your exams to KEEP YOU JOB.

If you fall into any of the following, you should definitely check this out:
  • You have never taken an TExES Test.
  • Can't get passed your Core Exams or PPR.
  • Your job is on the line if you don't pass your exams.
  • You are a college student needing to get into your program.
  • You are in an ACP and need to pass to finish.
About The VIP Bundle

We're here to guide you through the confusion and test anxiety.  
With us, over 90% of teachers have passed their exams.

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Access To All Resources For 1 Year
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Courses Included

Our rock start teachers have your back for one year.  If you are using the courses and need more time, we can always extend you.  
**When we add new boot camps to our site, these are NOT added to your VIP.  You can enroll at 50% off upon request.**

Core Subjects [EC-6, 4-8, 7-12]

Core EC-6 Test Taking Strategy Course
Core EC-6 ELAR Boot Camp
Core EC-6 Social Studies  Boot Camp
Core EC-6 Math Boot Camp
Core EC-6 Science  Boot Camp
Core EC-6 Fine Arts, PE & Music Boot Camp
ELAR 4-8  Boot Camp
 Science 4-8 Boot Camp
Social Studies 4-8  Boot Camp
Math 4-8  Boot Camp
Science 7-12  Boot Camp [coming August 2021]
Social Studies 7-12 Boot Camp
Mathematics 7-12  Boot Camp

Additional Subjects EC-12

English as a Second Language Boot Camp
Special Education Boot Camp
Physical Education Boot Camp [coming September]
Science of Teaching Reading STR

Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities EC-12

PPR Boot Camp [coming mid-August]
PPR Strategy Video Course

These tests don’t define your ability to teach, and we understand how frustrating they can be.
Sign up now, clear up the confusion, and pass. 

kind words by TEACHERS

Clear up the confusion like these teachers did, and pass all of your certification tests.

I delayed retaking the Math subsection of the General Knowledge test for years. After almost giving up hope I could pass I did-thanks to Dr. A's support and taking his Math Bootcamp 2.0. Believe in yourself and go for it!
-Jana Newton
By implementing the test-taking strategies Learning Liaisons offers, I was able to pass my subject area exam. The strategies used allowed me to understand how to read the questions and how to eliminate answers that didn't pertain to the question (outliers). Dr. A breaks these strategies down to where anyone, with any learning style, can comprehend, use and ultimately pass their exam.
-Sejal Desai
Dr. A and his team walk you through every detail of the tests. The boot camps were awesome. I got the VIP package and it was worth every penny. I walked in to every test with confidence because I was well prepared with the test taking strategies I needed. I never used another study method. I followed his STOW method and nailed my exams.
-Emily Wilson
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