What are the FTCE'S?

The FTCE (Florida Teacher Certification Examinations) teacher certification exams are a series of tests administered by the Florida Department of Education in the state of Florida, United States. These exams are designed to assess the knowledge and skills of individuals seeking certification as teachers in Florida.

The FTCE exams cover various subjects and grade levels, including elementary education, middle grades, secondary education, and specialized content areas. These exams evaluate candidates' understanding of pedagogy, subject-specific knowledge, and their ability to apply that knowledge effectively in a classroom setting.
Teachers in Florida are required to take the FTCE exams as part of the teacher certification process. The purpose of these exams is to ensure that teachers have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide quality education to students in the state. By assessing candidates' proficiency in relevant subject areas and teaching practices, the exams help maintain the standards of the teaching profession and promote excellence in education.

The FTCE exams also serve as a measure of accountability and provide assurance to schools, districts, and parents that certified teachers in Florida have met certain standards of competence and expertise. The exams help ensure that teachers are adequately prepared to address the diverse needs of students and deliver effective instruction in their respective subjects.

In addition to the general knowledge exams, such as the General Knowledge Test (GKT) and the Professional Education Test (PED), candidates may also be required to take subject-specific exams depending on the grade level and subject they wish to teach.
Overall, the FTCE teacher certification exams play a vital role in maintaining the quality of education in Florida by ensuring that teachers possess the necessary knowledge and skills to be effective educators.

For more information about the FTCE'S, please visit the FTCE website offered by Pearson: http://www.fl.nesinc.com/index.asp
While working towards completing the tests required for Florida Teacher Certification, the Learning Liaisons site was recommended to me. The test-taking strategies and the boot camp lessons helped me pass the test the first time for 8 of the 9 I required. I did retake the GK essay a second time, but this time around I did the prep work/practicing as the program suggested and passed. The math bootcamp was the perfect refresher having been out of school for quite a few years! The program was beneficial and I highly recommend them to everyone out there!

Jennifer Underwood

Such a vulnerable post right here. But I got to my car and just sobbed because I cannot believe I passed the Pro Ed on the first try. I have been fearing this so much because of the rep it has.. but I tuned all that out and didn’t compare myself to what others felt or said.

I definitely changed my mindset and attitude going into this test and BELIEVED in myself. I believed that I went in prepared as best I could. I tried my absolute best. And used all the STOW strategies and through through everything. Marked up that white board paper completely. Side note: as I took the test I just got ANGRY at how STUPID some of those questions were written. Instead of calling it a laptop/computer, they called it a wireless learning device. Like WHAT?

It’s unreal how hard these test takers try to make this test. But like Dr. Ampel says, it’s about strategy and being smarter than the test. It’s a performance. And I put on the best show possible. Passed on my first try. SO grateful to Dr. A and these bootcamp programs.

THANK YOU The Learning Liaisons, Inc. Three more tests from the GK left to take and hopefully I’ll be teaching again next year!

Nicole Bauso Freeman