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How to Study for The FELE Test in 2023

The Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) test assesses leadership skills and knowledge necessary for educational leadership roles within Florida's schools.

Prospective teachers in Florida must pass the FELE exam. Passing FELE means shaping and advancing your career in school administration. 

Beyond being mandatory for aspiring school administrators, this examination validates your skill set, dedication, and commitment to lead in the ongoing improvement of education within Florida.

In this guide, we’ll share important tips on how to prepare for the FELE test. Let’s get started with our step-by-step guide that has helped numerous teachers in Florida.

What Is The FELE Test?

The Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) is designed to ensure that prospective school administrators possess skills and abilities that contribute to the attainment of Florida Principal Leadership Standards.

FELE assesses candidates against the Florida Principal Leadership Standards, emphasizing their mastery in areas important to educational leadership.

Florida Principal Leadership standards have been carefully developed based on up-to-date research on various aspects of school leadership, such as school management, organizational leadership, and communication

The FELE consists of three subtests covering 13 domains of the core curriculum in Educational Leadership. You are required by the Florida State Board of Education to take and pass all subtests of the FELE.

For subtests and sections consisting of multiple-choice questions, the passing score is 200.

All aspiring educators in Florida must attain the minimum FTCE passing score on each of the three subtests to qualify for the Florida Professional Teacher Certification. 

Completion of all subtests ensures that prospective teachers meet the standards and competencies set by the state for effective educational leadership.

The FELE tests are Pass/Fail tests. If you’ve passed the exam, your score report status will indicate PASS. If you don’t pass, it will indicate “NOT PASS.”

FELE Test Format

The  FELE evaluates you through a combination of multiple-choice questions and a written performance assessment. 

The test consists of approximately 185 multiple-choice questions distributed across three distinct subtests. Each multiple-choice has four choice answers, so you must select the most appropriate.

The three subtests are organized as follows:

  •    Subtest 1: 2 hours
  •    Subtest 2: 2 hours
  •    Subtest 3: 1 hour 30 minutes for the multiple-choice section and an additional 1 hour for the written performance assessment.

To pass the FELE test, you must achieve a passing score on each subtest. The cumulative performance across all subtests determines your overall outcome. 

In case you fail one or more subtests,  with ten points or less,  you may file a request to the test administrator within thirty days after the score report release date to verify if the subtest(s) were scored accurately. 

You may retake a failed subtest or a subset that was reviewed, provided at least thirty (30) days have elapsed since the review date. 

FELE Subtests

The FELE is subdivided into three subtests, each assessing specific domains crucial for effective educational leadership. Here are the key subtests and a brief overview of their focus:

  •    Leadership for student learning: This subtest has approximately 70 multiple-choice questions that evaluate your ability to identify, develop, and effectively implement best practices to support and enhance student achievement.

    It tests your understanding of instructional leadership, curriculum development, and strategies to improve overall student learning outcomes.

  •    Organizational development: This subtest assesses your proficiency in recruiting and retaining talented and motivated faculty.

    It focuses on strategic personnel management, creating a positive organizational culture, and implementing policies that contribute to a conducive learning environment.

    This area also tests your ethical and professional conduct, building and maintaining positive relationships with staff, students, and stakeholders, and upholding legal and ethical standards in decision-making and interactions.

  •    Systems leadership: This subtest consists of a multiple-choice section with approximately 55 questions and a written performance assessment.

It evaluates your ability for effective educational administration. This includes fiscal resource management, data analysis, and communication skills. 

You'll be evaluated on your ability to navigate and lead within the complex systems that characterize educational institutions.

Studying Strategies for the FELE Exam

To pass the FELE exams, you need to prepare adequately. Test takers employ various strategies to navigate the diverse content and formats presented in the exam.

Your chosen strategy may vary based on your preferences, learning styles, and strengths. Let’s explore strategies that you can use to study for your FELE exam successfully.

1. Learn the FELE exam structure.

The FELE exam is divided into three subtests, each focusing on specific domains of educational leadership.

FELE Subtests Name Details
Subtest 1 Leadership for Student Learning
  • Takes 2 hours
  •    Focuses on the Identification, development, and effective implementation of best practices to support and improve student achievement.
Subtest 2 Organizational Development
  • Takes 2 hours
  • Assesses how well you can recruit and retain talented and motivated faculty.
Subtest 3 Systems Leadership
  • Multiple-choice section that takes 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Written performance assessment takes 1 hour
  • The written performance essay tests your communication skills, good punctuation, and spelling

Understanding the organization of the FELE exam gives a clear roadmap for your preparation. Knowing what to expect in each subtest boosts your confidence as you approach the exam day.

Also, you'll minimize anxiety on exam day. You'll enter the testing environment with a clear understanding of the format, reducing the likelihood of surprises and allowing you to perform at your best.

2. Take practice tests.

Practice tests provide a comprehensive assessment of your understanding of the material, analyzing your performance and identifying areas where you excel so you can focus on your weaknesses.

By taking practice tests, you can gauge your knowledge and proficiency in the specific domains covered by the FELE exam. The assessment ensures that your preparation aligns with the exam's content and expectations.

The results of practice tests help you structure your study plan. You can allocate your time efficiently and concentrate on areas that contribute the most to your success.

Also, practice tests mirror the FELE exam and familiarize you with the format, question types, and overall structure—allowing you to focus on the content rather than the testing environment.

Here are the tips for effective practice testing:

  •    Utilize official FELE practice tests and materials to ensure alignment with the exam's content and structure.
  •    Take practice tests under timed conditions to replicate the pressure and constraints of the actual exam.
  •    Analyze your mistakes, understand the correct solutions, and revisit related study materials to reinforce your understanding.
  •    Regularly integrate practice tests into your study routine. Iterative testing and review contribute to continuous improvement.

3. Create a Study Plan.

Tailor your study plan to your strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences. Consider your daily schedule, commitments, and energy levels when allocating study time.

Begin your preparation well in advance of the exam date. Aim to start studying two to three months before the scheduled test date. This provides ample time to cover the material thoroughly and revisit challenging concepts.

Break down the content into manageable sections and set realistic goals for each study session. This prevents feeling overwhelmed and allows for a steady and consistent approach to your preparation.

Incorporate your study plan into a calendar or scheduling tool. This helps visualize your study sessions and ensures that you allocate sufficient time to each subtest and content area.

Ensure a balanced coverage of all subtests and domains. Avoid focusing too heavily on areas you find comfortable; dedicate time to challenging topics to achieve a well-rounded preparation.

Periodically review your study plan and assess your progress. Be flexible and adjust your plan as needed, giving more attention to areas that require additional focus.

4. Consider getting a tutor.

Many test takers value working with a tutor to enhance their preparation for the Florida Educational Leadership Examination. Experts can provide personalized guidance and support, helping you build confidence and excel in the exam. 

The Learning Liaisons tutors tailor their approach to your learning style and needs. This attention ensures that you focus on areas where you need the most improvement, optimizing your study time.

A tutor can help clarify complex concepts and answer specific questions you may have about the material. This one-on-one interaction allows for a deeper understanding of challenging topics.

Tutors can assist in creating a structured study plan that aligns with your strengths and weaknesses. This ensures a targeted and efficient approach to your FELE preparation.

Here is what to consider when choosing a tutor:

  •    Ensure that the tutor has good references and relevant credentials. This ensures that you learn from a reputable source and minimizes the risk of being misguided during your preparation.
  •    Choose a tutor with experience specifically in FELE preparation. Familiarity with the exam's content and structure is essential for targeted guidance.
  •    Choose a tutor with clear communication skills who can effectively convey complex concepts and adapt their teaching style to meet your needs.

5. Use study guides and other materials.

Many candidates succeed by using FELE study materials like study guides, flashcards, and practice questions.

Study guides, online courses, and other resources contribute to a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to exam readiness.

They cover a wide range of content areas that align with the tests and provide a structured overview of key concepts, ensuring thorough material coverage.

Study guides include reviews and summaries of essential concepts, which can be beneficial during the final stages of preparation for a quick yet comprehensive review.

Additionally, they incorporate additional practice questions with detailed explanations. Engaging with these questions helps reinforce your understanding and prepares you for the types of questions you'll encounter on the FELE.

Here are tips for using study guides:

  •    Choose study guides and materials from reputable sources or those endorsed by the testing authority. Ensure that the content aligns with the FELE exam structure and objectives.
  •    Combine study guides with other materials, such as online courses or educational videos, to benefit from varied perspectives and learning formats.
  •    Integrate the use of study guides and additional materials into your overall study plan. Allocate specific time for reading, reviewing, and engaging with supplementary resources.
  •    Be aware of any updates or changes to the FELE exam, and ensure that the study guides and materials you use are current and reflective of the latest exam requirements.

6. Learn how to answer multiple-choice questions on the FELE exam.

You must answer a certain number of multiple-choice questions correctly for you to pass the FELE exam. Scoring criteria for multiple choice questions are as follows: 

  •    Subtests 1 & 2: Total questions: 70, minimum Correct Answers Needed: 49
  •    Subtest 3: Total questions: 55, ACE (Answer, Comprehend, and Evaluate) Questions: 40

Achieving a score of 40 on the ACE questions in Subtest 3 ensures that you have passed the multiple-choice portion of the exam.

Approximately 23 out of 70 questions, or nearly half of the questions you need to pass, are based on the Answer, Comprehend, and Evaluate (ACE) competency in Subtests 1 and 2.

Given the emphasis on ACE questions, focus your preparation on honing your skills in answering questions that require analysis, comprehension, and evaluation.

Practice managing your time effectively during study sessions and simulated exams. Pay attention to time constraints and allocate your time wisely to maximize your chances of answering all questions.

7. Prepare for the written performance assessment in the FELE subtest 3.

While passing the multiple-choice questions in Subtest 3 is a significant step, you must still pass the written portion separately to pass the subsection.

To pass the written section of the FELE Subtest 3, you must earn 7 points out of the 12 possible.

Your written responses will be assessed using a 6-point FELE rubric. This rubric evaluates various aspects of your written communication, including clarity, coherence, and depth of response.

Two different scorers score the written section, each using the 6-point rubric. The final score is the sum of the points awarded by each scorer.

Here are tips for Preparing for the Written Performance Assessment:

  •    Familiarize yourself with the FELE rubric used to assess written responses. Understand the criteria that scorers will use to evaluate your writing.
  •    Engage in regular practice writing responses to simulated prompts. This helps you hone your ability to convey ideas clearly and coherently within the time constraints.
  •    Emphasize depth in your written responses. Provide comprehensive and well-supported answers that address the key components of the prompt.
  •    Practice managing your time effectively during the written portion. Ensure that you allocate sufficient time to plan, write, and review your responses.

How to Register for the FELE Exam.

The registration process for the FELE exam is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are a new user, you must submit basic information to create a free user account. 

If you already have an account, you can log into the website to complete your FELE registration and take or retake one or more exams, view their test results, or submit a request for FELE score verification. 

Between January 1, 2015, and November 22, 2023, registration fees for the Florida Educational Leadership Examination are:

  •    First-time registration, $215.00
  •    Retake: Subtest 3 single section registration, $150.00
  •    Retake: All other combination registrations, $225.00

Beginning November 23, 2023, registration fees for the Florida Educational Leadership Examination will be: 

  •    First-Time Registration: All subtests (Full Battery), $215.00
  •    Retake: Single subtest registration, $53.75
  •    Retake: Two subtests registration, $107.50
  •    Retake: Three subtests registration, $161.25, 
  •    Retake: Full battery registration, $215.00

Here is a guide to registration Steps:

  1. Click register for the FELE: Visit the FTCE FELE test website and click on the "Register for the FTCE/FELE" option.

    Select the FELE test and provide the requested information to create or log in to your user account.

  2. Select test date, time, and location: Locate the drop-down menu titled "Open Registrations" and select "Schedule" to choose a specific date, time, and testing location

    Ensure that the selected options align with your preferences and availability.

  3. Review test registration: Review the selected test registration, including the chosen date, time, and location. Verify that all information is accurate before proceeding to the next step.

  4. Submit payment: Finalize your test registration by submitting payment. You can use a check card, credit card, or debit card to submit payment securely online. Be aware of the specified fees for the chosen test-taking session.

  5. Confirmation email: You will receive an email confirmation at your registered email address. This email will provide details confirming the scheduled date, time, and location for testing.

Prepare to Face Your FELE Test.

The Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) evaluates your knowledge, competencies, and skills to become a school administrator. 

Completing the FELE exam is a prerequisite for obtaining certification in Educational Leadership. It opens doors to administrative roles in schools and other educational institutions.

Achieving success in the FELE exam is a crucial step in building your career in school administration. It enhances your credibility and opens avenues for career advancement within the education sector.

At The Learning Liaisons, we offer comprehensive support, valuable resources, study materials, and expert guidance to enhance your exam preparation. Take advantage of our proven strategies tailored to the specific requirements of the FELE exam. 

Get expert guidance in your FELE test and pass your tests on the first attempt!