Sep 3 / Dr. Jason Ampel

The Praxis Test Cost in 2023 - Everything You Need to Know

The Praxis test is a series of exams consisting of the Praxis Core tests, Praxis Subject tests, and Praxis Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT) tests.

These tests check the aptitude of aspiring teachers by measuring their understanding of mathematics, writing, and reading knowledge for entry into teacher preparation programs. Currently, 46 states and the District of Columbia rely on the Praxis exams to some extent to prepare and test their future teachers' knowledge effectively. T

he U.S. overseas territories, including American Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands, also utilize the Praxis tests. The only states that are currently not using the Praxis are Arizona, Florida, Illinois, and Michigan.

In this article, The Learning Liaisons will cover the Praxis tests, costs associated, and more on how to become a teacher.

What Is the Praxis Test?

Praxis is a collection of exams that states require as part of the teacher certification process. You must pass one or more of the Praxis exams to become a teacher in a given state.

These exams test your knowledge and skills and help ensure you are ready to teach students in your given content area and grade level.

The main types of Praxis exams include:

  • The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators- This basic test for aspiring educators measures mathematics, reading, and writing knowledge before entering teacher preparation programs. The reading test comprises multiple choice and alternate questions such as "choose in passage" responses.

The writing test covers text types, purpose and language, and research skills for writing. It consists mainly of multiple-choice questions and two essays. The mathematics test has multiple choice questions and numeric entry questions, with an on-screen calculator provided.

  • Praxis Subject Assessment (Praxis 2)- These tests refer to a group of over 90 tests you apply to be tested in the subject you wish to be certified to teach.

It measures your knowledge and teaching skills in specific subject areas, such as geography, algebra, or English, and in specific demography, such as early and elementary grades, special education, or middle school. They may be only multiple-choice questions or may include constructed-response questions.

An Overview of Praxis Test Costs

Standardized testing can be costly. Learning about the Praxis test costs helps you prepare yourself financially. The way you register for these tests may also influence your cumulative fees and experience. For instance, if you don’t pass the Praxis exam, retakes will cost you between $50 and $209, depending on the test.

Preparing adequately and passing as many tests as possible on the first attempt will help you save money and help you avoid retakes.

Additionally, registering and attempting combined sections is cheaper than taking a single subtest at a time.
Let’s look at the costs of Praxis tests to help you prepare yourself fully:

Praxis Test Costs for the Praxis Core

As a standardized test, Praxis Core costing is defined. Completing the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators by combining the set of mathematics, reading, and writing tests, it will cost you $150. If you take each subject individually, you’ll pay $90 for each test.

Praxis Costs for the Praxis Subject Test

The cost for Praxis Subject Assessments is more complex. These costs vary and range from $50 to $199. Most of them cost between $120 and $160.
If a Praxis Subject Assessment is 100% computer-scored (especially with multiple choice and simple alphanumerical answers), the fees will be $120.

A Subject Assessment exam consisting of structured response questions costs $146, while a foreign language subject area test costs $160.
Many Subject Assessment exams don’t follow the usual $120/$146/$160 structure for praxis test cost. The difference in costs is because some Subject Assessment exams are more complex, comprising multiple short subtests that are combined to make one assessment. Making them cost more than the standard $146 computer-based exam.

The subtests can also be customized to suit specific needs. For instance, individual states may also customize Praxis exams to suit their needs, which can alter the custom pricing.

Additional Fees for Praxis Test

  • Additional fees for other test-related services for Core and Subject Assessment Praxis exams exist. For instance:
  • Changing a test center or test date costs $40
  • Registering for the exam by phone costs $35
  • Sending additional scores beyond the first four free score reports costs $50.
  • To have your exam rescored or reviewed, the fee is $65.

ParaPro Series

Praxis ParaPro series are exams for school paraprofessionals, including teacher's aides and classroom assistants. The testing and licensing of classroom paraprofessionals vary in requirements between states.

Check with your school district to determine if they use the ParaPro Assessment before scheduling a test. By visiting the Prometric website, you can register for the ParaPro Assessment at a test center or at home

The ParaPro test costs $55, with an extra $50 for additional score reports.
The costs ParaPro Series tests include:

  • $425 for the School Leaders Licensure Assessment, 
  • $350 for the School Superintendent Assessment, $
  • 80 for the state of Kentucky's Specialty Test of Instructional and Administrative

Praxis 2 Costs

Praxis 2 fees vary by exam. These exams range from $50 to $209, depending on the test. For instance, exams with multiple subtests may have different pricing if taken separately. 

The Praxis 2 costs include:

  • Elementary Education Assessment (5006) exam costs $209
  • Reading and Language Arts and Social Studies (5007) exam costs $115 per exam.
  • Mathematics and Science (5008) exams cost $115 per exam separately. 
  • Agriculture - $130
  • Art: Content and Analysis - $156
  • Chinese (Mandarin):
  • World Language - $170
  • Communication and Literacy - $110
  • Early Childhood Assessment - $180
  • Elementary Education Assessment - $209
  • Elementary Education: Mathematics CKT -$78
  • PA Grades 4-8 Core Assessment: Pedagogy - $50

Praxis Fee Waivers

Praxis fee waivers are available to college students who are required to take the Praxis exam but can not afford the fee.

Here are the conditions you need to meet to qualify for the Praxis fee waiver.

  • You should have been receiving financial aid for the current school year.
  • You should be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program (should not have a master's or doctoral degree).
  • You should produce an Enrollment Verification Certificate.
  • You should be able to submit a current FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of less than $3,000.
  • You should be required to take the Praxis exam by an authorized score recipient.

If you qualify for the fee waiver, you can get test fees for up to three Praxis Core Assessments or one Praxis Subject Test waived. When the fee is waived for all three Praxis Core tests, you’ll be issued a voucher for the combined test code (5752).

But the fee waivers can only be used once in the testing year. The number of waivers available to each institution and on each test date is also limited.

Here are the steps you can follow to apply for the Praxis fee waiver:

  1. Fill out the Fee Waiver Request Form
  2. Get our Enrollment Verification Certificate and current FAFSA SAR
  3. Scan all your documents
  4. Submit your documents with an email or letter to the ETS.

Preparation for Praxis Test Day

After registering and paying for the Praxis exams, preparing carefully will help you avoid having retakes.

You can get a Praxis study guide to help with your specific test. A Praxis study guide will explain the exam format, the types of questions to expect, and the content the exam will cover.

You can also enroll for Learning Liaisons Praxis tests boot camps for your subject area to give you an engaging revision model to help you excel on the first attempt.

Various study tools can also help you prepare for your Praxis exam, such include:

  • Textbooks: A good Praxis preparation book will contain full-length practice tests, exam-taking tips and strategies, and detailed study plans. It should cover questions of varying nature, with well-described answers.

  • Flashcards: To create flashcards, use simple words and concepts. Avoid long questions and only have one answer or word per card. Break longer questions into several flashcards.

  • Practice tests: Practice tests imitate the Praxis test in length, content areas, content specifications, and complexity. They’ll give you a real picture of your readiness for the Praxis examination.

Practice tests are significant in helping you gain valuable experience in answering questions. Such knowledge will help you on the test day when you are taking your test under a time constraint.

To prepare for your Praxis test, follow these steps:

Research and learn everything about the exam: Learning everything about the Praxis test will help you better understand how to best prepare for success on the first attempt. You will know where to expect multiple-choice, numeric-entry, and essays.

Identify your areas of strength and weakness: Understanding your strengths in the test areas expected helps you optimize your efforts for exemplary performance. Identifying your areas of weakness will also be significant in giving you insights into content areas you need to work on.

Carefully create a study schedule: 
A study schedule will help you manage your time effectively and realize your goals. A study schedule allows you to set aside time to prepare for your test. It will also help you break down study content and assignments into manageable portions.

Collect various study resources: 
Organizing your study materials is key in preparing for your Praxis tests. Review all the content you have in lessons taken in the test area. Also, review study materials online through booksellers and from reliable Praxis tutoring service providers.

Revise using practice exams: 
Take as many practice tests as possible to familiarize yourself with the test format. Practice tests are similar to the real exam in design, content, complexity, and timing. They will adequately help you measure your readiness for the real test.

Ensure you carry a valid identification card to your testing center on the testing day. The name on the card should match the one you used when registering for the Praxis test.

Some testing sites also have specific requirements. For instance, all jewelry other than engagement and wedding rings should not be worn at the South Dakota State University testing center. Ensure you check the requirements of your testing site before the examination day.

Ready to Take the Praxis Test?

Like any other test, adequate preparation for the Praxis test is essential. Preparation saves you from the extra costs and time of retaking the exam. To prepare well for your test, use practice tests and prepare revision tools such as revision plans and flash cards.

Learning Liaisons boot camps will help you with practice questions and video walkthroughs, lesson videos, digital vocabulary flashcards, and access to a private question-and-answer group that will enhance your preparedness for these examinations.

Since the price of Praxis tests varies depending on the type of test, we can help you prepare adequately and save money. Start preparing for the Praxis test today and kickstart your teaching career.