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The ESE K-12 Subject Area Test is a content exam for teacher certification in the state of Florida. Our course is expertly designed to guide you through every step, ensuring you're not just prepared, but FTCE-ready.
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Our course kicks off with "Course Intro Part 1: Why are you here?", a deep dive into your motivations and goals. This is followed by "Course Intro Part 2: We've Been In Your Shoes", offering insights from those who've successfully navigated the FTCE journey.

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With a concise "Course Directions" segment and an important "TEST UPDATE!!!!!" brief, we ensure you're on track and informed about the latest test nuances.

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The heart of our course is a meticulously crafted 50-question test designed to mirror the real FTCE ESE K-12 exam in style and difficulty.

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Our course creators have walked in your shoes, offering relatable advice and strategies.


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Meet the instructor

Mrs. Nicole Kenngott

Nicole Kenngott is a fifth-grade teacher at Plumb Elementary and was named Pinellas County Schools' 2019 Teacher of the Year.

Kenngott began her career with Pinellas County Schools four years ago. She has Master’s degree from Dowling College in Oakdale, NY and has a teaching style that uses innovative teaching strategies steeped in the philosophy of a “Growth Mindset”, AVID strategies, CHAMPS and Restorative Practices.  

Plumb Elementary Principal Sandra Kemp said that Kenngott has a positive impact on the entire school community. “She often leads parent curriculum events, attends PTA functions, interprets for parents who are deaf or hard of hearing, supports activities for our students with autism, and attends sports events to cheer on some of her students.

Mrs. Kenngott is a champion for children and for continual learning.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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