Free FTCE Professional Education Practice Test

Test your knowledge, skill & attitude on this FREE practice test to test your skills on concepts you will see on your Professional Education Test. The Professional Ed Test if required for teacher certification in the state of Florida. Our course is expertly designed to guide you through every step, ensuring you're not just prepared, but FTCE-ready.
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Why Choose Our Free FTCE Professional Education Practice Test

Tailored Course Content

Our course kicks off with "Course Intro Part 1: Why are you here?", a deep dive into your motivations and goals. This is followed by "Course Intro Part 2: We've Been In Your Shoes", offering insights from those who've successfully navigated the FTCE journey.

Clear Directions and Updates

With a concise "Course Directions" segment and an important "TEST UPDATE!!!!!" brief, we ensure you're on track and informed about the latest test nuances.

Comprehensive Practice Test:

The heart of our course is a meticulously crafted 70-question test designed to mirror the real FTCE Pro Ed exam in style and difficulty.

Course Lessons

Ready to conquer your FTCE Professional Education test?


What Sets Us Apart?

The best instructors have designed the most motivating learning paths for you.

Real Insight

Our course creators have walked in your shoes, offering relatable advice and strategies.


Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere

Comprehensive Coverage

Our practice test covers all key areas, ensuring no topic is left behind.
Meet the instructor

Dr. Jason Ampel

Dr. Jason Ampel, Ed.D, also known as Dr. A, is the CEO of The Learning Liaisons. Overcoming early academic struggles, he pursued a History major at SUNY Albany and a graduate degree in Education at The University of Central Florida. His experiences, including a 15-year teaching career and a doctorate, inspired him to create a platform for personalized learning, helping educators and students realize their potential beyond traditional classroom settings.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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